Here's My Story...

Born and raised in Washington State, emerging country newcomer Cort Carpenter now resides in Nashville TN. Over the past 4 1/2 years, Cort continues to "wow" country music crowds across the country. Playing some of the nation's biggest festivals and country music clubs, the people pack in to see his show when the band is on tour. When not on tour, Cort and his band stay tight by performing in the Nashville honkytonks a few times a week. They often play in Nashville's premiere downtown clubs such as "The Stage", "Wildhorse Saloon"," Legends Corner" and "Second Fiddle". Still looking for his big break, Cort says "My time will come if I keep pushing hard. I hope one of these days the bigger labels will give me my shot”.

An ex-collegiate athlete, Cort works day and night perfecting his craft, and his overall product. "I know what I have to do behind the scenes as I mainly work for myself at this time due to costs. From bookings, to travel, to practice, to shows, to band leader, I am doing 95% of it.. I'm visualizing my time coming and a label taking me in and helping me do the behind the scenes stuff and letting me focus on the music. However, my work ethic and drive have come from my background in sports my entire life, along with my family who raised me to work harder than everyone else. I love to outwork my competition."

Cort is happy to now call Nashville his home. Cort says "Moving to the heart of the country music scene was the best decision for I've ever made three years ago." Cort has been slated by many as the "real deal" & "next big emerging act" coming up in Nashville. People pack in to see Cort and immediately fall in love with his charm, his voice, and his undeniable stage presence and connection with fans. You will not find a show in Nashville, or on the road where people have not driven miles and miles to see him play.

Cort has released his brand new single "Let Me See Your Koozie" and it's becoming a favorite for country music fans nationwide. "This single has the potential of being a game changer and put me on the map if enough country fans hear it. I just would love the opportunity to be heard on this tune, and then see how country music responds to it. I'mworking hard to get it out in as many ways as possible without having huge funding behind me just yet. That is where I get stuck, but I continue to try new things."

In his time away from music, Cort enjoys hanging out with his friends and family and spending time with his wife', Kelly, who were married May 17th, 2014. Cort loves animals and likes to go to the movies frequently. Cort also loves working out and keeping in shape. Cort is a compassionate person who is thankful for everyone in his life and everyone who supports his dream and his music. He is truly a one of a kind soul who appreciates life and everything around him. You will not find a better all-around guy than Cort.

You can also say Cort is one of a kind for the fact of his interest in helping animals. "Anyway I can help get an animal adopted, fed, or feel safe, I am all about it. I help as many animals as I can & I learned that from my parents". Cort plans to get involved with more charities in 2016 and help spread the word in anyway he can. "Adopt don't shop" is a phrase he uses frequently. "There are too many animals filling up rescue shelters and other facilities that it is so sad to me. I always encouarge everyone to go and adopt a pet and save a life. It's the only way to do it", he says.

He was born July 7th, 1986 in Longview, Washington. He's the son of two long time legendary high school teachers and former coaches. Cort has one sibling, an older brother, Rhett, who is in the construction safety industry in Seattle and a ex-college football stand-out at Central Washington University. As a youngster, Cort played String bass in orchestra from the 4th grade until hegraduated high school. Following his mom's talents in art, he also excels in drawing and painting. Cort has a B.A. in Organizational Communications from the University of Portland, where he also starred as the starting first baseman on the baseball team. Cort was nominated as one of the top players for his position (1st base) in the entire West Coast Conference in 2009. Cort also holds the wood bat home run record for the NWAACC power house Lower Columbia College Red Devils. He was also standout 3-sport athlete in high school where he quarterbacked his football team to state, and set different records in baseball and basketball. Cort is no stranger to hard work.

Cort was involved in a car accident after college weeks before attending some major league baseball camps in which he was invited to attend. Cort had worked his entire life to play professional baseball, but when a car rear-ended him at a high speed, Cort’s back was injured and never the same. This accident limited his baseball swing and big power that came along with it, for which he was known for. A devastating turn of events for Cort led him to singing for fun locally while looking for a job, which in turn, led him to a now thriving full blown country music career.

Cort says his biggest country musical influences are Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley, Toby Keith, George Strait, Eric Church, Joe Nichols, & Jason Aldean.