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Cort and the band just completed a highly successful week-long tour to the Pacific Northwest... The band played a string of seven shows in 4 days. On Wednesday, Cort opened for Chase Bryant at the Cowlitz County Fair in Longview, WA. The fans came out in big numbers for Cort’s hometown show, buying every last piece of merchandise they had for the tour. On Thursday, the band traveled down to Portland where they played the intimate Skype Live Studio, which was hosted by 98.7 The Bull. Cort sang 4 songs from his new record which was filmed live. You can see all the action on YouTube if you type in (Cort Skype). That night, the band stayed in Portland for...

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Back From Maui - We Have a Rockin' August Ahead!

Vacation was great. Oh the big 3-0! Time flies. Tell ya what I'm super excited to be back on the mainland. It was nice to escape from reality but while I spent those two weeks In Hawaii I realized something...  I missed the stage, the sounds of guitars picking, and most of all, the roar of my fans. There's something about performing that makes me feel alive. I guess we all have our thing. And I fell lucky and thankful as ever to have found mine at such a young age! This is why I've decided to make August 2016 one of my most aggressive live performance schedules ever. I cannot wait to see all of you! It's time to ROCK! I...

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