Cort drops new single "Holy Ground" and has people talking...

On April 16th, the country music community, and the world, were given a song that has been tugging on peoples emotions. Cort's new single, Holy Ground, is a song about his hometown, and what it means to him. His Holy Ground is explained in the song, yet listeners are instantly able to put themselves in the story and remember where their Holy Ground is. It's been a song that has been getting a ton of positive feedback as people are able to relate. 

"The song may be about my hometown and my life, however, we wanted to take listeners back to their Holy Ground. I'm super proud of this song as the story is very dear to my heart. It's also encouraging to hear that country music fans are getting emotional over the tune", Cort said. 

The song is available everywhere and a must for your playlist. Give it a listen, you'll be hooked!