Breaking News! New Music, 2019 Tour & More!

Hey Fans!

Happy Holidays to all. We wanted to fill you in on a couple cool things happening with Cort. 

This Friday, November 16th, Cort is featured on the brand new Dee Jay Silver song called "Safe Zone". Please set a reminder to get this brand new song. "It's got a sexy beat, and very sexy lyrics... It's surely a different sound from me, but I'm totally digging it and can't wait for its release", Cort said. Be sure to tell your friends and family to check it out, as many are saying this is a track that is going to help break him out.

2019 is also coming around quick, and Cort is putting together his first official tour since 2013."We are trying to cover as many spots as we can in 2019, so watch our schedule as we hope to see you on the road", says Cort. The tour has not been officially named yet, but will be by Christmas time. 

Don't forget, Cort also has a brand new single that just released called "Ex 'em" which has fans going crazy over. The song has a groove that can;t be denied. "It's one of my favorite releases to date. I just wish the right people would hear it and it could get the exposure I think it deserves.

2019 is going to be a big year, so check back soon!