Rising country star Cort Carpenter knows a thing or two about the art of subtle reinvention...

Though his musical roots date back to his youth, Cort was much better known back then for other talents -- namely, his standout performance as a record-setting athlete, with a promising professional baseball career within his sights. Unfortunately, a car accident ended his playing career, and it was time for his first reinvention -- himself. Cort wasted no time in channeling all that drive into a new direction -- country music. Cort’s original sound and irresistible stage presence immediately caught on, and his part-time musical pursuits soon snowballed into a full-blown, thriving country music career. Cort quickly rose up the ranks of the country scene, and he now plays 150+ shows a year to packed houses at some of the biggest festivals and music venues all across the U.S.

While Cort’s love of country drew him years ago to his adopted hometown of Nashville, Tenn., he was raised in the Pacific Northwest, where musical tastes are more diverse. “I like to dance. My brother is a DJ in Seattle, and spins house music and is in the scene. So I’ve been into that for a number of years,” Cort says. It was during a return visit to that region’s nightclub scene that Cort’s next reinvention began to simmer -- a subtle yet daring infusion of just the right amount of that fist-pumping Seattle energy into the Nashville sound that had earned him a huge fan base with his first two EPs. The result was his hot new release, "Changing Lanes” -- a creative cocktail of expertly blended modern and progressive country. The EP’s edgy mix seduces its listeners with slow, classic country like “What Were We Drinking,” teases them with pop-country mischief like “Let Me See Your Koozie,” and dares them to let loose with the progressive country-dance fusion of “Fire in the Night” and “Vegas” -- two unmistakably country tunes with unexpectedly danceable beats. Loyal to his country music roots and his fans, Cort knew he didn’t want to veer off into an entirely new direction -- he just wanted to incorporate some new elements and make a great thing even better.

“I’m not doing EDM country, that’s not what I’d call it,” Cort says. “I’d use the words ‘progressive country.’ I’m slowly merging the new sound that gets me going into my tracks.” By all accounts, it's working: The album is earning five-star ratings with every download, and on tour, the new songs never fail to bring crowds to their feet. Cort says his biggest country musical influences are Dierks Bentley, Sam Hunt, Eric Church, Joe Nichols, Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean.

On the Home Front, in his time away from the music scene, Cort enjoys hanging out with his friends and family and spending time with his wife, Kelly, whom he married in May 17th, 2014. Cort has two dogs; Dax & Trip.

Cort also heads his own foundation, Cort Carpenter Cares, which launched in 2015. This organization assists homeless animals & people.